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Scotchgard Protector on New and Cleaned Items

Scotchgard protection
  • Scotchgard protector will render fabric, furniture and carpets water and oil repellant, meaning that most spills will sit on the surface and can be absorbed with ease.
  • Spills that have dried on Scotchgard protected fabric can also be removed with greater ease, as the stain will sit between the fibers as opposed to soaking into them.
  • The day to day vacuuming of carpets and fabrics will be much more effective, as dirt will not stick to the fibers so easily.
  • The frequency of professional cleaning should be dramatically reduced.
  • When professionally cleaned, the Scotchgard protected fabric will clean up to a far higher standard
  • Scotchgard protector is the only protector on the market to provide these benefits. In the long term the protection should have an effective life of 3-5 years, in many cases considerably longer, depending on frequency of cleans and the amount of use of the fabric.

Such fabrics as lining material on curtains can be treated with Scotchgard Protector. This will dramatically reduce if not eradicate completely dampness marking or tide marks caused by dampness from windows.

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